Can I downgrade my copy of Windows?

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Q. Can I downgrade my copy of Windows?
A. The short answer is that yes, most versions of Windows can be downgraded without having to purchase a separate license. Below, you will find a table showing some of the basics of which versions of Windows can be downgraded, and which versions they may be downgraded to.

NOTE : Windows 7 can only be downgraded to Windows XP until April 1, 2011 - approximately 18 months after the release of 7, or until the first service pack is rolled out for Windows 7.

Q. How do I get a downgrade COA?
A. You may contact Microsoft calling their activation line. More information is available here (though the information listed from the link is for Server 2008, it still applies to Windows 7).

Downgrade Chart

Purchased Operating system Can be downgraded to
Windows 7 Ultimate
Vista Ultimate
XP Pro
Windows 7 Professional
Vista Business
XP Pro
Server 2008 Standard
Server 2003 Standard
Server 2008 Small Business Server
Server 2003 Small Business Server