How do I enable Windows XP Mode in Windows 7?

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Check your Requirements

  • Processor :
    • Intel - must support Intel VT
    • AMD - must support AMD-V
  • RAM : at least 2GB of RAM is recommended
  • Hard drive : 8GB of free hard drive space is recommended
  • Version of Windows :
    • Windows 7 Home Premium
      • With Windows 7 Home Premium you will need to provide your own product key for Windows XP (This will require that you own a previous copy of Windows XP)
    • Windows 7 Professional
    • Windows 7 Ultimate
      • Windows 7 Professional & Ultimate editions come with their own product key for XP that will be automatically installed with XP Mode
  • Virtualization must be supported by your processor and your motherboard

To check whether your system is compatible with hardware virtualization, you may use the Securable utility from Gibson Research linked below. This is a free utility that will tell you whether your system is capable of the hardware virtualization required by XP Mode.

Download & Install Virtual PC and the XP Mode software

Please visit the link below to download the latest versions of Virtual PC and XP Mode. Instructions on how to install the software are also provided through this link.

Install your software

Start > All Programs > Windows Virtual PC > XP Mode
  • Start XP mode by bringing up your start bar, open 'All Programs', navigate to 'Windows Virtual PC' and click on the link to open the folder. Click on 'Windows XP Mode' to open Windows XP in its Virtual PC mode. This will provide you with a window that looks just like the Windows XP desktop. You may either run your applications in this mode, or continue the steps below to allow your software to run on your Windows 7 desktop.
  • Once you see the Windows XP Mode desktop, you may insert a CD/DVD or browse the network to find the application you wish to install.
If you would like to install software from a USB device, simply click the 'USB' link at the top of the window, and choose your USB device. You may also use this feature to allow XP mode to access any other USB peripheral (such as a printer or external hard drive). Once finished with the device, click 'USB' at the top of the screen again, and choose your device again to release the device.

Run your XP software in Windows 7

  • Close your XP Mode's Virtual PC window. This will hibernate Windows XP and close the application.
  • Bring up your start bar, click on 'All Programs', navigate to 'Virtual PC', click on the folder named 'Windows XP Mode Applications', and choose your program to open the file.
    • If you are planning to use this file often, it is recommended that you right-click the file, and choose to pin the file to either your taskbar or Start Menu.