How do I report a damaged product?

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The first thing we will need is for you to take pictures of the damage and the box it was shipped in. We will ask that you email these pictures to so that we can show the shipping courier what the product looked like when you first received the product. In your email, please provide the serial number of the damaged product or the invoice number on the included packing slip so that we can see which purchase we are working with. Please also provide a phone number that we may use in order to get in contact with you. A technician will contact you via telephone or email to continue the process.

Once the damage has been reported with the courier, we will have two options available on how we can replace the damaged product.

Cross-ship RMA The new product will be assembled and tested while the original product is being shipped back to CybertronPC. Once the product arrives to CybertronPC, and we have had a chance to verify that everything is in the package, the replacement product will be shipped to you.

Advance RMA Our support team will contact you via telephone to confirm account information for this method. A new system will be assembled and tested, and shipped to you immediately as soon as the replacement product has been completed, even if the original product is still in transit to CybertronPC. In order to process this type of RMA, a credit card will need to be on file for a temporary collateral hold for the replacement product until the original damaged product is returned to CybertronPC. Once the original product is receieved into the RMA department, notification will be sent to clear the collateral hold for the product. Please note that any items that are not returned will not be able to be credited back, and may be charged to your credit card at the discretion of the RMA department. In many cases, we will ask that some components not be returned (such as power cables, keyboards or mice) if they are not damaged. You will not be shipped these items with your replacement product.

As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to inquire with our support department.