My system is not displaying video

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The most common reason for no video situations are rough shipping and plugging into the wrong video port. Below, I will go into detail on some quick fixes that can often fix simple video issues.

While connecting a monitor to your CybertronPC, make sure that you are plugging into the appropriate video ports on both your monitor and the computer. While many newer monitors may have more than one video connection, you only need to plug in one of the cables to the computer. There are four different types of common video connectors.

These video ports may or may not be colored depending on the component manufacturer. In most cases, a VGA connector will be a blue color, while in some cases, the VGA port could be white, black, yellow, green, or any other color. While this can be quite confusing, computer manufacturers have designed the ports in such a way that you cannot connect the wrong type of connector into the wrong port. To do so would require force, and could potentially damage the computer and the cable.

If your computer has a video card installed, the video card will automatically override the onboard graphics. If your system has a video card, please be certain to plug into the video card instead of the onboard graphics as even a proper connection to the onboard graphics would not produce a video signal when a video card is installed. The onboard graphics are only designed to be used (and will only be active) when a video card is not present.