Some of my programs don't work on my new Windows 64-bit computer

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32-bit Operating systems are not compatible with 64-bit software. However, 64-bit operating system can emulate a 32-bit operating system for the purpose of running older programs.

With the introduction of 64-bit operating systems, end users are now facing the dilemma of knowing whether their favorite programs are compatible with their operating system. Not all 32-bit (the type of software we've been using for years) will be compatible with 64-bit operating systems. While 64-bit programs would run faster (in theory) than their 32-bit counterparts, they are also more difficult to program, and as such, are not as readily available as 32-bit software. While most 32-bit software will run on a 64-bit operating system, it is generally recommended to check with the manufacturer of the software you intend to use to ensure 64-bit compatibility. In some cases, a different version of the program may be necessary, while in other cases, a simple software patch may increase compatibility.


Most of your older software should work on the new versions of Windows. To make sure that they will, please check with the manufacturer of your software.